Experience Virtual B&B

Note:  Shirt and medal designs change each year

It's NEW and FUN

We would like to introduce you to the Beer and Bagel VIRTUAL Run.  We have been putting on AWESOME RACES for over 25 years throughout the Midwest and on the East Coast.  Now, in these days of COVID-19, it's hard to get around.  Therefore, we are offering an opportunity for you to RUN VIRTUALLY! That's right! Make it your very own Beer & Bagel Race!  And when you cross the finish line, we'll send you some really great race swag!    

Finisher's Swag Package:


- Unique Finishers Medal with Handy Dandy Sasquatch Bottle Opener


- Souvenir Race Bib
- Best Race Shirt EVER!  A high quality long-sleeve unisex tech tee*.  You choose the wording:
  • "I'm a drinker with a running problem" or
  • "I'm a root beer drinker with a running problem" 
*Shirt color and design is updated each year and may vary from what is pictured here.
How it Works

You may ask, "So how do I participate in a virtual run?" It is easy!


Here are your steps:


1) Click on the REGISTER NOW  button below. 


2) Run 4+ miles outside, inside, or on a treadmill keeping track with either a GPS system, Fitness Tracker, or a treadmill odometer.  Go on your own or get some friends to join you.  Afterwards, if you want to drink a beer and maybe eat a bagel, go for it!  It's your race, do what you want! 


3) Submit a picture or screenshot to us showing your 4+ mile results at racedirector@beerandbagel.com (within 30 days of registration)


4) Once we receive the information, we will send you THE SWAG!


5) We would appreciate that once you receive your race swag to take a picture of you with everything on and send it back to the  racedirector@beerandbagel.com email account.  We would like to post you and your results on Facebook, or maybe even this page.


IMAGINE, all this fun for UNDER 40 DOLLARS!